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Cliffs and Ocean

My Story

Working in the spiritual realm has been a way of life for me. Ever since I can remember, as a child, it was my chore to gather herbs from the garden and then proceed to bless our home every Friday. “Limpias” or energetic cleansings were a staple with any issue or illness. If someone was sick, they often came to our home where my Mother would put together some herbs to cure their symptoms. I watched and absorbed and to this day use some of those natural remedies. During that time period, I also learned a lot about candle magic and other ways to manifest reality. In 2003, I had some ongoing health issues. I got sucked in to the mentality of taking medicine and even getting surgery. 6 months later, the issues emerged again. It was costly and time consuming. Nothing the medical field prescribed seemed to be working. So I made a powerful choice. To heal myself. I started researching different modalities. I ended up using a combination of naturopathic medicine, Reiki, and essential oils. I found my body had the ability to heal itself. It was then that I realized I had a gift to share with the world. . . To help them remember who they are, their ability to heal and create their own reality-physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. In 2006, I turned my fascination, passion and education for self healing and all things metaphysical into a business. I officially began assisting others, be it through energetic modalities, customized herb/oil blends, or simply a reading to guide people on their lifepath. My clients range from children to adults, and Yes even your fur babies! Healing is like learning. There's a multitude of ways and I work with what's best for your healing style. You are a divine being with the ability to create your very own reality. You already possess the tools, you just have to remember who you are and I will be with you every step of the way. While my healing space is located inside of a beautiful spa in Northern California, some of my services can be offered remotely. I also offer classes and have monthly events offsite. Keep an eye on website and social media for announcements! Follow me on Instagram: @yemayathehealer


The Light Within A Place to Heal Credentials:

Certified Reiki Master – Usui Tradition 2007

Certified Reiki Master – Angelic Tradition 2016

Certified Curandera 2012

Certified Hypnotherapist 2019

Certified Spiritual Healer 2012

Naturopathy Diploma – Health & Well Being 2020

Ordained Minister 2012

Initiated Lucumi Priestess 2020

Transcendence Practitioner

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